Continuous Forms


Continuous forms accommodate the traditional pin-feed printer’s also known as high impact, dot matrix and pin feed printers. We offer various types of constructions for clearer print quality. Twin sets are two 3-Part or 4-Part sets collated so the employer’s and employee’s forms are separated. Self-mailers save time and money as all the employee forms are pre-inserted in the envelope ready for mailing. We use the official IRS format so our forms will fit the majority of software programs. If in doubt, ask for samples.


If filing 250 or more forms you must submit them electronically. Employers who are electronically filing their wage information to SSA require only the forms for the employee and possibly their own State and/or File copies. Various combinations are available in 1-wide, carbonless non-mailer format. Order in the number of forms needed.

per page
1099 NEC 5part 1wide Carbonless

1099 NEC 5part 1wide Carbonless



25 per Pack

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