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Pressure Seal Forms

PRESSURE SEAL TAX FORMS are self-mailing forms that are growing in popularity due to the convenience of one-piece mailing and built-in security of a sealed form. They are printed on

28# white ledger bond paper using heat resistant inks. There is an adhesive around the edge of the forms that when run through a sealing machine the minuscule glue capsules burst and create a bond, thus creating the self-mailer. There are 500 forms per package.



Pressure-seal forms ensure security and are used by a wide variety of customers. Instead of requiring a separate envelope, pressure seal forms have thin strips of adhesive that — when pressed together — create a "self-mailer." Customers require specialized sealing equipment to generate these, but the efficiency is often worth it. We offer a full line of stock pressure-seal tax forms, and can also quote on custom jobs.


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1095-C Employee Provided Hlth  Ins. Bulk Pressure Seal

1095-C Employee Provided Hlth Ins. Bulk Pressure Seal



500 Forms/Ctn

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